Eileen M.Foley, EsqMost experienced Family Law/Divorce attorneys charge for an in office initial consultation. Why? An in office consultation provides extremely valuable information and establishes an attorney-client relationship. An attorney’s time is how they earn a living. Ms. Foley provides reasonable consultation fees which are offset from the first legal billing if she is retained to represent you in your Family Law matter. As such, the consultation is free. Ms. Foley also provides free 15 minute telephone consultations to determine the parameters of your case and whether a more thorough in office consultation is necessary. Always remember that you get what you pay for and that includes the consultation.

Retainers are estimates given by attorneys to work on and complete your Family Law/Divorce matter. Understand that it is virtually impossible for any reputable experienced attorney to tell you exactly how much it will cost to complete your Family Law case until that attorney starts working on your case and analyzes the facts. Every family law case is different and every litigant and adversary is different. Ms. Foley prides herself on attempting settlement before full-blown expensive litigation. Ms. Foley truly believes that every matter in the Family Court can be settled if the other side is willing to negotiate. Ms. Foley will discuss in detail retainer amounts for different family matters before any retainer is paid.

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